the view looking onto the water represents timeshares

Advertise your Time Share Vacation Resorts through Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Many times people show up at time share hosting events for the free giveaways, with no intentions of investing in a Time Share. Therefore, many more events are necessary and additional advertising is required in order to bring in leads and prospects for your time share vacation resorts. The more people you are able to canvas, the better chance you have at making a better return on your investment.

Message Ninja can help you get your message out to hundreds, even thousands of people, saving you time and money. Here’s how it works. You determine the geographic areas you want to target and the personalized voicemail message you want to deliver to advertise the time shares. You can send messages as often as you want. Your personalized messages can be delivered quickly and all at pennies per marketing touch. The recipients of your voicemail message are able to listen to your message on their time.

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