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The Key to More Effective Marketing

Effective marketing takes time and money. It also takes strategy, and a thoughtful schedule of marketing touches with follow-ups, because one ad, or one postcard, or one promotion—no matter how exciting or enticing—just isn’t going to make much difference. At the same time, budgets are limited, so you have to maximize the impact of each marketing touch (e.g. ‘bang for the buck’).

You need a cost-effective way to stay current, be heard on a persistent basis, and win the interest of consumers. Turn to Message Ninja for the marketing solution you’ve been waiting for—FCC-, FTC- and CRTC-compliant ringless voicemail marketing to cell phone owners in your area.

For a fraction of the cost of other direct marketing, our ringless voicemail service allows you to take advantage of robo-dialer telemarketing technology … without interrupting your recipients’ lives.

Focus on Sales… Not on Dials

Experts estimate that more than 75% of business calls end up in voicemail. If you're placing cold calls, or if you’ve hired a telemarketer, then you likely know this statistic intimately.

It can take a lot of calls to turn a contact into a prospect, into a lead, into an opportunity, into a sale … which is why big companies spend incredible amounts on marketing.

Percentage of Annual Revenue Spent on Marketing

  • Twitter
    ($614M per year!)
  • SalesForce
    ($2B per year!)
  • Apple
    ($12B per year!)
  • Microsoft
    ($51B per year!)
  • 1

Clearly, this level of spending is not the norm for the businesses on Main Street, USA. Their goals are lofty, but resources are limited. Still, everyone wants to play like the ‘big boys’ … only without spending like one. The good news: you can.

Ringless voicemail marketing from Message Ninja enables you to be more proactive about your marketing efforts. Instead of finding the time to place calls (and sacrificing other priorities), or hoping a long-term, cold-calling strategy will eventually pay off, you can leverage ringless voicemail marketing to skip the middle-man (the dial tone) and go right to voicemail. And not just any voicemail. You’ll reach the cell phone voicemail boxes of people in your target city, area code, or zip code! We have the data.

Ringless Voicemail Marketing by Message Ninja is Low Cost and Feature Rich

  • Message Ninja combines the power of direct mail marketing with the reach and scope of telemarketing for a fraction of the cost.
  • We offer an ultra-quick turnaround—as little as 48 hours!
  • Message Ninja Ringless Voicemail Messages give you a proven marketing touch for a fraction of the cost of traditional direct marketing ... as low as 6¢ per delivered voicemail message!
  • You can now effectively reach thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Focus your efforts on specific zip codes, area codes, or cities.
  • Perfectly replicate a 1:1 marketing touch … thousands of times!
  • Enjoy the access and cost-effectiveness of robo-dialing, but in an unobtrusive and legally compliant format.


There are literally unlimited market applications!

Reach prospects faster with Message Ninja’s Ringless Voicemail Marketing! Check out how many industries leverage ringless voicemail marketing!

Ringless Voicemail Messages to Cell Phones: The Best Way to Reach Your Market

  • 326 million

    326 million

    There are 326 million mobile phones in use today in the United States—about one for each man, woman and child in the country! (CTIA, 2012)
  • 90%


    More than 90% of American adults have a cell phone. (PEW, 2013)
  • 9 in 10

    9 in 10

    Nine of ten American cell phone users keep their mobile device within reach 24/7. (Morgan Stanley, 2011)
  • 30%


    Nearly 30% of Americans say their phone is the first and last thing they look at every day. (Qualcomm, 2012)
  • 40%


    Over 40% of cell owners have slept with their phone next to their bed, so they wouldn’t miss any calls, text messages, or other updates during the night. (PEW, 2012)
  • 50%


    More than half of U.S. homes either don't have a landline, or don't use it as their primary phone. (CDC, 2012)
  • 1