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Message Ninja Connects Real Estate Agents with Buyers and Sellers!

Real Estate has always been a competitive market. And, as we all know, there have been ups and downs in the real estate market. Finding great listings – fueled by motivated buys and sellers – is critical to your success. You canvas the MLS, you may even go door to door in hot neighborhoods, but you get frustrated sometimes because results are spotty no matter how hard you work.

See, advertising can be expensive, whether it's via signage, radio broadcasts, Google Adwords, or advertising through your website. It's time to market smarter: with ringless voicemail marketing! Message Ninja delivers something new to realtors, brokers, and agents. Now you can connect with buyers and sellers through their cell phone voicemail inboxes. Our exciting and compliant cell phone marketing technology platform makes it easier than ever to reach more people as you promote your listings... or look for new ones!

Easy to Implement

Here's how it works: You'll record your own personalized 60-seconds or less voicemail message. What you choose to emphasize is up to you. Maybe you just want to introduce yourself, or maybe you want to find the people thinking about putting their residential homes or commercial properties on the market so that you can get in on the action from the beginning!

Then you select a key geographical area. For real estate, we recommend targeting recipients by zip code!

Next you tell us when you want your campaign to launch! It's that easy!

Enjoy Incredible Results

We have the expertise you need to guide you through the process, to help you achieve optimal results, and to generate new business. In fact, ringless voicemail marketing campaigns typically have a 10%+ response rate. That's more than five times better than traditional direct marketing results... and all for just pennies per marketing touch!! Ringless voicemail message credits start at just 9.25 cents each. What a bargain!

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