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Compliant—by Design

The Federal Communications Commission (or FCC) defines voicemail and voicemail services as Enhanced Information Services, and has opted not to regulate these enhanced services per the Telecommunications Act of 1996. More than this, Message Ninja's platform ensures that:

  1. No phone call is placed directly to the cell phone subscriber (the voicemail recipient).
  2. The voicemail message is delivered via a server-to-server connection.
  3. The voicemail recipient is not billed for the call.
  4. The cell phone will not ring and the recipient's cell phone provider will not log an active call.

Message Ninja’s Ringless Voicemail Marketing platform creates direct sessions with the voicemail servers of cell phone providers, and never directly dials the recipient. This makes Ringless Voicemail Marketing very unobtrusive; recipients will receive a voicemail—not a phone call—that they can check at their convenience.

While it’s up to you to make sure your message is worth their attention, we can help! Together, we’ll make the most of each message through a well-planned communication, a friendly and conversational tone, and a clear call to action. 



Opening new markets—especially when marketing dollars are tight—can be a challenge. Effective marketing requires persistence and consistency. Ringless voicemail marketing builds momentum leading into forms of marketing (like a postcard or radio spot), or serves as a follow-up mechanism to initiatives that have already launched.


Effective marketing communication requires you to:

  1. Think about your message: What do you want to say and how should you say it?
  2. Consider your audience: Who needs to hear your message and how will they benefit from it?
  3. Issue a ‘call-to-action’: What do you want recipients to do with the information you shared?

Do these rules sound familiar? Of course they do, and they’re also the principles behind leaving any voicemail message! This is why ringless voicemail marketing by Message Ninja is so easy and effective.