Dial Up the Intensity with Message Ninja’s Leads for Real Estate Investors - the Future of Real Estate Leads

The first thing a real estate investor needs is motivated sellers. To get these, you’re probably buying distressed homeowner lead data from your favorite source, using a mailing house to send out postcards or hand addressed letters, and spending roughly $1000 for 1000 pieces.

What if you could contact 10 times as many motivated sellers, using a technique that has an open or listen rate far exceeding direct mail, and do it for less money? Do you think you might be more successful? DUH!!


Ringless voicemail is the answer to your “filling the pipeline” problem. Instead of spending $1000 (and let’s say that includes your data) to get in the mailbox of 1000 homes, you can spend about $760 to get in the cell phone voicemail boxes of 10,000 homeowners that need to sell their property. Your response rate per 1000 will be higher because more people will get your message, but even if it’s exactly the same, you’re still 10 times ahead!

There just isn’t a better way to get your lowest cost per lead (CPL). That’s a very important number as the following chart shows:

CPL Chart

 It’s not even close. Ringless voicemail allows you to stay in the game even during the lean months, because your cost of lead acquisition has been reduced by over 80% per lead. We’ve had people test it, and it works.

Now there are a couple of ways to screw it up:

  • You could have lousy data. If you think that you might, we can help you find a better data source and maybe even get you a lower cost.
  • Your ringless voicemail message might be too professional. At first, this may seem like a contradiction, but you want your message to be really low key and friendly – like one neighbor calling another. We will help you with that, also.
  • You need a top-flight system for collecting and responding to the leads you get. This involves using two virtual voicemail numbers which we provide at no extra charge. We will show you exactly how to use them.

If you’ve had a chance to view our whole website, you already know that ringless voicemail is totally compliant.

You also know that the actual process from start to finish is very simple.

Our average real estate investor gets 10,000 ringless voicemails delivered every month for 30% less than the cost of 1000 direct mail pieces, and gets 10 times the number of leads.

So turn up your Lead Generation efforts by connecting with high-quality, motivated sellers where they truly are ... next to their cell phones!

Open Rate

This technology is a game changer and has the lowest cost and highest ROI of ANY direct marketing option available to you. If you want real leads right now, the Message Ninja Real Estate Lead Machine is for you!

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