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Get to the Root of Effective Dental Services Marketing with Message Ninja!

Growing and retaining a strong patient base is essential to any dental practice. How do you differentiate yourself from competing dentists? How can you quickly and easily tell your patients about new services, specials, or promote events? The answer could be as simple as well-crafted, affordable marketing campaigns. Ringless voicemail messages are an easy way to reach out to current or prospective patients with a personal touch.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy! Write and record a 60-second (or less) message that you’d like to deliver to the audience of your choice: we’ll use the cell phone numbers of your existing patients or create a list for you based on neighborhoods near your office. Your message can be as unique as the group of individuals you’d like to target. We can start delivering your personal message in as little as 48 hours!

Out of this World Results

Since these compliant messages are delivered directly to cell phone voicemail inboxes, no one’s day is interrupted and your audience can listen at their convenience. Your message is recorded by you – not an anonymous telemarketer. The listener hears a hand-crafted message by a professional that they trust. The personal touch is what makes all the difference. Message Ninja ringless voicemail messages have an amazing 10%+ response rate – five times the response rate of traditional marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost. Messaging costs start at around nine cents per delivered message, and the rates get even cheaper when you order in bulk.

Message Ninja makes marketing your dental practice easy and effective. Contact us to get your campaign started!

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