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Message Ninja can help you promote your babysitting or daycare services throughout your community

Most people require babysitting or daycare services at some time or another. And, many rely on word of mouth to obtain the best quality care for their children. Don’t wait on the public to find you. The Message Ninja can help you promote your daycare or babysitting services through ringless voicemail marketing which allows you to legally access a multitude of cell phones leaving a personalized voicemail message.

We know you most likely don’t have a sales team to promote your services, or the additional money. This innovative marketing tool gives you the vehicle to leave a personalized voicemail message on as many cell phones as you want. The recipients of your voicemail can listen to your message on their time!

Not only is this cell phone technology simple to use, you can deliver your personalized message at just pennies per marketing touch! Contact Message Ninja today. We would love to share information with you about this exciting innovative marketing opportunity!