the girl working hard studying represents continuing education

Continuing Education is on the rise!

Continuing one’s education has become very popular and is on the rise. Many people, and at all ages, are opting to continue their education for one reason or another. It is a very competitive market, especially since many universities and colleges offer online education. So, what makes your university or college standout from all the rest? Do you have the budget to effectively advertise, promoting continuing education? And, most of all, do you have the time? A lot of your focus is geared towards your current students and their needs.

What if Message Ninja could help you promote continuing education for your college or university? We can—and it’s a quite simple and quick process, allowing you to have time to focus where you need. Introducing this new innovative marketing tool—ringless voice mail marketing! You can deliver one message to hundreds, if not thousands or more people, depending on what geographic areas you would like to target. Your message is delivered directly into voicemail, allowing the recipients to listen to your message on their own time. This is a compliant marketing system which is very affordable, costing just pennies per marketing touch!

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