"Um, Hello?" How to Craft an Interesting Voicemail

As everyone knows, time is money – you can’t afford to leave a voicemail that doesn’t represent you or your company well. When potential customers hear a message that isn’t polished and concise, they’ll delete it and move on. The key to leaving a successful voicemail is a little bit of planning and practice. We’ll show you how to craft a successful ringless voicemail message that will engage your audience – and get them to call you back.


How to Craft an Interesting Voicemail through Message Ninja

Plan Your Message

Distill your message down to the information you must relay to your customers. Do you have a new promotion? Are you offering a new service? Did your location change? These are the important details you’ll want to zero-in on when drafting your message. Write a few different versions of the same message and see what you like best. Keep in mind that your message should be no longer than 60 seconds long.

Call to Action

Make sure you’re clear about what your audience should do next. Now that they’ve heard your message, what do they do with that information? Should they call you back for more details? Visit your website? Drop by your location?

Practice Makes Perfect

Once you’ve nailed down your message, practice reading it aloud. The goal is to become so comfortable with the language that you eliminate any unnecessary pauses. You should sound conversational and comfortable with what you’re saying, not like you’re reading from a script. It might be helpful to practice in front of a colleague so they can provide a fresh set of “ears.” Need to make some revisions? Go for it – and then practice again.

All Systems Go

Once you’re ready, record your message and start your campaign. As people respond, you’ll be able to see what works and where there are opportunities for future campaigns. Now that you’ve mastered the art of the perfect ringless voicemail message, you’ll be able to quickly craft new campaigns – and keep your business front-of-mind to your audience.