Ringless Voicemail Campaigns: A How-To Guide (Part 2)

Ringless Voicemail Campaigns: A How-To Guide (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 in our how-to series that walks you through the steps in creating a successful ringless voicemail marketing campaign. In the first part(link to part 1), we purchased credits and selected our audience. In this part, we’ll help you choose an appropriate call back number and plan an effective call-to-action. Let’s get to work!

Step 3: Determine Your Call Back Number

The Message Ninja ringless voicemail delivery platform is able to not only deliver your ringless voicemail message, but also include a call back number that your recipients can click on from their mobile phone’s voicemail inbox. When you plan your ringless voicemail campaign, this number is very important.

Option 1: Use your own phone number. Some of our customers prefer to use their own phone numbers - either a mobile phone number or an office line. Bear in mind that as your voicemails are delivered, you may receive waves of call backs. In order to manage this flow, we recommend setting up a Google Voice number or using an IVR number.

Option 2: Leverage a Google Voice number. You can associate a free Google Voice phone number with any Gmail account. Setting up a Google Voice number is simple and free. Additionally, you can record an answering machine message that complements your ringless voicemail marketing campaign. This allows you to essentially deliver two marketing touches for the price of one. Also, this gives your caller a way to hear your complete message again in case he or she calls back before hearing the original delivery in its entirety. And, as an added benefit, it will insulate your personal phone number. While our platform is compliant and we do follow national do-not-call guidelines, many people do not realize that their mobile phone registrations on the DNC list are only active for 5 years. If their registration has expired, that number is eligible for marketing.

Option 3: Use an IVR number associated with a telemarketing group. If your organization is large enough to have an in-house or vendor telemarketing organization, chances are you already know how to use IVR numbers. You may provide any IVR number to a campaign, and can change IVR numbers to deploy the same campaign multiple times over time.

Step 4: Plan Your Call-to-Action

A clear call-to-action (CTA) can make the difference between a recipient calling you or visiting a specified URL and just deleting your voicemail message. Once you narrow down your target area, think about what will matter to recipients in that area. Why should they take the next step? The CTA should be easy to understand and easy to complete. “Call Message Ninja at 727.303.3807 to find out more about cost effectively marketing your business,” is an example of a clear CTA that’s easy to follow.

Now you’re ready to move on to the last part of our how-to series. In our final installment in this walk-through, we’ll help you write a script, record your message, and complete the order form.