It’s all about marketing!

Marketing your product encompasses many intricacies relating to the offerings and value you can pass on to your customers and to the public in general. It is important to choose the right means of communication to reach your consumer audience.

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Market analysis and market segmentation, as well as understanding methods of influence on the consumer behavior is part of the planning process leading to creating strategies for your company to advertise to the dedicated consumer.

Creating an effective, cost-efficient marketing strategy requires a detailed, objective understanding of your own business and the market in which you operate. It is important to assess the timing and composition of customer demand when marketing your product. In addition, you need to have an awareness of your competitor and play on your competitive strengths reaching out to the consumer audience.

This is where Message Ninja comes in—introducing ringless voicemail marketing. With ringless voicemail marketing through The Message Ninja, different campaigns can be created to reach different target audiences through our low-cost program, allowing you to be able to promote your products and business as often as you want! You can discreetly advertise—leaving ringless voicemail messages, which are compliant with all telemarketing laws and at just pennies per marketing touch!

Ringless voicemail marketing campaigns are effortless and convenient to set up and launch your marketing campaign, creating sales momentum when you need it the most. Ringless voicemails are non-intrusive and non-disruptive to the consumer. The consumer listens to your voicemail message on their own time, when there are no distractions. Your messages feel like one-to-one touches!

Message Ninja features FCC-, FTC- and CRTC-compliant technology. Our ringless voicemail technology is easy to learn and cost-effective providing you the ultimate platform to connect with your local, regional and national markets!