Humanize the Customer Experience!

Humanize the Customer Experience!

Let’s face it, many people when they hear a voicemail from a telemarketer advertising their product or service, almost automatically hit the “delete” button before even hearing a complete sentence.

Effective marketing takes time and money. It also takes strategy planning your marketing campaign. You need a cost-effective way to stay current and win the interest of consumers.

At The Message Ninja, we can help you do just that. Our marketing solution, Ringless Voicemail marketing is FCC-, FTC and CRTC-compliant. For a fraction of the cost of direct marketing, our ringless voicemail service allows you to take advantage of robo-dialer telemarketing technology … without interrupting your recipients’ lives! Telephone-based marketing remains the most beneficial direct marketing format with the highest ROI.

Many people aren’t interested in buying what they don’t need. They might listen to the messages when there is a chance to win something, but once again, many people question “what do I have to buy?” or even worse, “This is yet another attempt to get my personal information!”

Most people can automatically detect a pre-recorded message. Many pre-recorded messages sound pretty much the same. People desire respect and sincerity and are most likely to listen to a voicemail message in its entirety when the message starts off on a “good note”. Messages don’t have to be complex or even professionally recorded—voicemails will make more of an impact if they sound like any other one-to-one message.

Helpful Hints

Take time to craft your perfect message. Remember, you are paying to advertise your product/service, so once your message is sent, you can’t take it back. Take the time to make your message interesting, while getting to the point about what you are selling, why it would be a good opportunity for anyone and why they should buy from you.

Put yourself on the receiving end—what turns you off about receiving voicemails from telemarketers? What makes you interested in listening to what is being said on your voicemail message? Start your personalized message off by saying something that might make people want to hear more of your message, hopefully to the end. A perfect voicemail message which a restaurant might use could be: “Hi this is David, calling you from the Olive Garden restaurant located in beautiful Clearwater, Florida. This weekend’s weather forecast calls for clear skies and a slight chance for rain! Come out Sunday and enjoy our Mother’s Day Special! Our goal is to make every guest experience feel more like modern Italy! Visit our website at www.olivegarden.com for our Mother’s Day Special lunch and dinner items!”

Message Ninja’s Ringless Voicemail marketing service is cost effective, easy to use and for just pennies per touch, you can schedule ringless voicemail messages in the cities, area codes and zip codes where your prospects are. Contact us today to speak with a member of our sales team to assist you in planning your next marketing campaign!