“Close the Closer” Marketing Tips

Sure, you love your company and you’re passionate about the products/services that it offers. But how do you translate that enthusiasm into crossing the finish line of a closed sale? Just like a runner preparing for an upcoming marathon, you’ve got to prepare so that you’re ready for race day.

Close the Closer with this Free Message Ninja Marketing Tip

Bring the A-Team

Once you score that all-important sales meeting, be sure you’re bringing the resources you need to show off. Let’s say you’re selling a piece of engineering software. If your customer asks a highly technical question, will you have the answer ready to go? If not, consider bringing along a member of the team who does this work every day – you won’t find a better equipped subject matter expert. Questions will be answered intelligently and thoroughly … and your clients will feel confident in your abilities.

Make Closing Effortless

No one likes to read over contract language – especially if your contract is hundreds of pages long. Selling business isn’t like writing papers in high school; there’s no need to add unnecessary fillers like flowery biographies or a complete history of your company. Outline the scope of work that you discussed and the associated fees. Streamline your proposal so that signing on the dotted line seems like the natural next step.

Foster the Relationship

Once the proposal is submitted, your work isn’t done. Make yourself available for questions. If a change in scope is suggested, don’t dismiss it out of hand. How you handle yourself in the negotiation phase tells the customer how you’ll handle them post-sale. Once they do sign, continue to nurture that relationship. Are they happy with how work is proceeding? Touch base once they receive any deliverables and accept feedback graciously.

These steps show you not only how to close a sale, but how to turn one sale into a sustainable, long-term relationship. Treat the sales process like a marathon, not a sprint – and you’ll find that you’re not a spectator, you’re a member of a winning team.

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